The Bottom Line Tuesday Jan 8 2013

Hello good evening and welcome to the Bottom Line the programme for and about business on KCLR.

The programme of January 8th was the first of the New Year and positivity and enthusiasm was in the air.


Tom Molloy from the Irish Independent talked about positive European press coverage of Ireland in some of Europe’s most influential financial magazines.  The Economist described Ireland as “fitter yet fragile”.  Here’s a link to the article:

It’s always good to talk to people who’ve started new business on the show.  Mark Craddock of Maven TM joined us early in 2012 when his company was not yet a year in business.  Now he’s just scooped a prestigious national business award and has gone from being a one man operation to employing 28 people and he’s optimistic about the future.  Check out his company website

I almost had to pick myself up off the floor of the studio when Patricia Callan of the SFA told me that the HSE paid €300 million in late payment interest last year. Stone the crows ! It’s a big issue and that’s probably just the tip of the ice berg. Companies have rights that they are often not asserting.  You’ll find details of the SFA’s Late Payments Survey here:

Here’s a useful link to some information on prompt payments.


Closely related to the issue of prompt payments is the vexed question of credit.  Fergus Doyle – The Business Trouble Shooter and a regular contributor to the show – talked about how best to approach banks and what other options there are for people seeking funding or investment.  A chat with Fergus is always worthwhile.  Check out his website

Finally, are you looking for a great business book to read?  You won’t go far wrong with “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins. If you like it buy I in your local book shop.

If you’d like to get something discussed on the Bottom Line or you’ve got an idea, an angle or a story we want to hear from you.