The Bottom Line Tuesday July 24 2012

The Bottom Line Tuesday July 24 2012

Good news is always welcome on the Bottom Line and we kicked off the programme this week discussing the news that 32 new jobs are to be created with the announcement by The Envelope Supply Company that they are setting up a plant in Kilkenny. Kilkenny’s newly elected Mayor was in studio to welcome the news which he says represents the first IDA announcement of new jobs for the City in 12 years. He’s hoping that it’s the first in a series of announcements of IDA jobs in a city and county where over the last few years we’ve discussed (and been critical of) the apparent scarcity of delegations of potential investors to Kilkenny when compared with other parts of the country.

We also discussed with the Mayor his take on the state of relations between Local Authorities and business organisations. He says that he thinks that all too often there is an unfortunate “them and us” attitude between business and “City Hall” as in Local Authorities in general. It’s something he says he’s hoping to make an impact on during his time as Mayor of Kilkenny. He’s keen to hear from business people who wish to raise issues with him directly and welcome calls on 087-4192322.

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This week is Callan Week on KCLR and we spoke to Eoin Doheny of Dohenys Crash Repairs a business employing 8 people based just outside Callan town and which has been in operation since 1993. Despite the downturn business is stable and Eoin describes Callan as a good place to do business. Customer service, dealing with insurance companies on behalf of clients is almost as much a part of the job these days as fixing dents, scratches and damage. The business operates a 24 hour on call service and can be contacted at 056-7755588 or visit

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Meanwhile in Castlecomer, the Castlecomer Development Association has been working to improve the business and economy of the North Kilkenny town and the surrounding areas since the 1940’s and has been centrally involved in many job creation schemes over the years. Chairman Ger Ferris joined us in studio to tell us about their work and to highlight the Associations search for a new Business Development Manager. The priority is on employment creation and positively marketing the Castlecomer area. They are looking for a self starter with lots of energy, ideas and “get up and go” – someone who will be able to not only hit the ground running but “sprinting”. It’s a 2 year contract for the position which is supported by Enterprise Ireland and Kilkenny Local Authorities. IF you think it’s a job you could do or indeed if you think of any one who it might suit you’d want to get your skates on – the closing date is looming and they are hoping to have the person in situ at the start of September. Applicants should send a letter of application and a comprehensive Curriculum Viatae to [email protected] or you can get more information from Bernie Brennan at 056 4400734.

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Finally Fergus Doyle a.k.a. the Business Trouble Shooter joined us in studio for another of his monthly business advice slots. This month we talked about “Where’s the Money in Your Business”. Fergus said that amazingly many businesses operate with surprisingly little financial information and analysis, something which he says costs them money and opportunities and hamstrings their ability to properly manage their business. IF you’d like to find out more or to contact Fergus directly, check out his website

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Remember we’re always on the lookout for interesting business stories; topics and people to cover on the show. If you’d like to be featured or you’ve a suggestion or something you’d like to see covered on the show you can contact us on e-mail at [email protected] or you can contact the programme Producer Edwina Grace at [email protected]