The Bottom Line Tuesday July 3rd 2012

The Bottom Line Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Another busy week on the Bottom Line

It was a real pleasure to have an opportunity to interview Oliver Young and his son Victor Young from the Kilkenny Business Oliver Young and Son who celebrate 50 years in business this weekend. Oliver and Victor are the 6th and 7th generation of their family respectively to be involved in the plumbing business. They are testament to the fact that good and bad times may come and go but a well -run business can survive the difficulties and keep its head during the good times.

Check out their website

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Marketing is an important element in every business and most of the successful businesses we meet on the Bottom Line are good at getting their message across. County Carlow Development Partnership are holding a workshop on different marketing channels available to businesses. Its in the Seven Oaks Hotel on next Thursday. You can book a place at the workshop which is free of charge by e-mailing [email protected]  or you can get more information at

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Broadcaster Scott Williams was the first voice on air on the first independent licensed radio station FM104 back in 1988.  He’s now President of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland. Scott came on the show to talk about the IBI’s Independents Day initiative being held in Dublin on July 4th .  You can find out more on

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And finally before he heads off for a well – deserved Summer break, the Irish Independents Tom Molloy was in upbeat form welcoming lots of positive news on the economy – strong exchequer returns, strong export growth and a Euro Summit that was positive for Ireland. He sounded some warning notes though about the global economic environment. He reckons that the Eurocrats and decision makers are suffering from crisis fatigue and he’s hoping that when he returns from his hols nothing has changed. We’re all battered and indeed nearly getting addicted to a sense of crisis and he reckons we all need a period of time when …. nothing much happens.

Edwina Grace’s round up of business stories, included the latest on the Ulster Bank fiasco; John McGuinness on the PAC investigation of the bank guarantee (we’re looking forward to covering that in the future on the show) Carlow Chamber President’s concerns over possible hikes in PRSI; MEP Liam Aylwards concerns over cyber crime and newly elected Kilkenny Mayor on the launch of the new Kilkenny “Culture Trail”.

I’m not on air for the next edition of the Bottom Line on Tuesday July 10th but looking forward to hearing how my replacement KCLR’s Conor Power does in the “hot seat”.

If you’ve got an idea for the show, something you’d like us to raise or you’d like to get something off your chest about business get in touch with the show. Edwina Grace is the Bottom Line Producer and she’d love to hear from you.

 Until next time

John Purcell