The Bottom Line Tuesday May 21 2013

There was a time when used in the US the phrase “Double Irish” would bring to mind images of Paddy whiskey or maybe even Middleton or perhaps Bushmills. No More it seems. The “double Irish” is now the name of one the fiendishly complicated financial devices used by some multinational companies based in Ireland to minimise their tax bills. This issue is in the news because of the furore surrounding the relatively tiny tax bills paid by business giants such as Apple and Google. The fallout isn’t great for Ireland according to Tom Molloy of the Irish Independent who joined us for his weekly radio column.

I also chatted to Tom about the ground breaking appointment of Siobhan Talbot as Group Managing Director becoming in the process the first woman to be appointed to such a position on the Irish Stock Exchange. But Siobhan is an inspirational business leader for a range of other reasons all of which greatly impressed Tom. Well done to Glanbia on the appointment, congratulations to Siobhan and best wishes to her for the future.

Great to see local restaurants doing so well in the Irish Restaurant Awards with Zuni, Lennons@Visual; Marble City Bar; Teach Dolmain; Café Sol; Rachels Garden Café; the Lady Helen restaurant; Rubens Restaurant at the Step House Hotel; Campagne and Sha Rose Bistro all securing nominations. The awards will be presented in Dublin in June

It’s always a pleasure to talk to people who run businesses and this week we had a rich variety.

James Travers spoke to us about his family business which has been serving the motorists of the region for over 50 years.

Ireland’s largest manufacturer of candles, Torc Candles, is located in Borris and David Sammon joined us to tell us about where the company has come from and where it is going.

 Dylan Cullen told us of his Appreciating Assets who sell property in Bulgaria.

And John O’ Connell from Senator Windows told us about his business.