The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme: Interview: Bitch Falcon (18/11/2015)

Bitch Falcon have (a) an amazing name, (b) some killer tunes and (c) areĀ on their way to Kilkenny for their first gig, supported by Thomastown’s finest Duende Dogs on Saturday 21/11/2015.

Comprising Lizzie Fitzpatrick (Guitar, Vocals), Naomi Macleod (Bass) and Nigel Kenny (Drums), they have a shared love of songs with a deep well of noise and fine melodic hooks. They’ve made quite the name for themselves and are impressing a growing number of people. They cannot be ignored, this is music to put fire in the belly and buzz in the brain!

We caught up with Lizzie and Nigel to chat about the band to hear some of their music…


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