The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme – Playlist: 18/5/2013

Over Under Sideways Down – The Katmen
Twisted And Bent – The Trashcan Sinatras
Submiracular – Atholysis
Lonely Avenues – Ultan Conlon
When I Fell In Love With You – Ultan Conlon
Paranoiac – Diving Bells
Life In Real Time – Vann Music
Build It Up – Mojo Gogo
Hey Seán – Dermot Lambert

Battlescars – The Shoos
Soul Brother – The Hot Sprockets
Fabrizio – Nathan Conway And The River Valley Band
Disbelief – Karrie Ft. MickFlannery
Sacred Wreck – Ed Romanoff
Burn Away Inside – Keith Moss
Total Destruction To Your Mind – Swamp Dogg
Glory Box – Portishead
Forlorn Soul – Elevens
Goodbye Lucille #1 – Prefab Sprout
Disappeared – Aimee Mann
Hotel Catatonia – William Tyler