The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme – Playlist: 23/3/2013

Stop Telling Lies – Saville
Bombs Away – Eels
Come On – Cat Dowling
Born Wild Smile – The Tracks
It’s You Not Me – The Tracks
Society – The Skin We’re In
Kill Some Time – Superblondes
Overhead – Laundry Shop
Something’s Going On – Oddsocks
Don’t Take Me Down – Redwoods

Weightlifting – Trashcan Sinatras
On My Own – Low
Mid Air – Paul Buchanan
Carouselambra – Led Zeppelin
Ride My See Saw – The Moody Blues
The Ballad Of Willie Sutton – Ed Romanoff
GMF – John Grant
Nobody Hurts You – Graham Parker And The Rumour
False Persona – I Am Niamh