The Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by – 20/8/2020

On the KCLR Farm Show (sponsored as always by Matt spoke to Jim Mulhall Kilkenny IFA County Executive chairman about the worrying developments in meat factories around Covid 19 outbreaks and the possible consequences for cattle and sheep  throughput and prices. Jim also outlined his organisation’s stance on several other issues facing farmers including possible changes in the next CAP, the proposed PGI for grass-fed beef and dairy and the challenge of communicating with members through virtual meetings.

Vincent Hughes, grain grower, told Farm Show listeners about the difficult harvesting conditions and the poor prices available for grain this year. Vincent described the entire tillage season since last October as challenging with few opportunities to plant winter wheat or barley resulting in a large increase in spring barley which has suffered from drought related pressures last June.

Michael Fitzgerald of Teagasc gave some timely advice on managing the explosion in grass growth seen in recent weeks. He also advised farmers to manage their replacement heifers to maximise growth and weight going into the critical autumn period. Michael advised cattle finishers to apply for the scheme to assist those who lost a lot of money fattening cattle earlier in the year.

Aurelie Moralis, a vet working with Zoetis, outlined a vaccination programme aimed at minimising respiratory infections especially targeted at weanlings from the suckler herd. The Sure-Calf Programme has already achieved high levels of success in Northern Ireland and the UK in recent years.

Eric Driver, manager of Tullow mart gave an update on livestock prices at Tullow this week and Michael Lynch, manager of Cillin Hill Livestock Mart updated listeners on prices this week at Kilkenny Mart.