Glanbia Farm Show

The Farm Show – Sponsored by – 28/5/2020

On the Glanbia Farm Show this week Matt spoke to John Bryan about the EU’s proposed Green Deal which would result in major changes in European food production with significant implications for Irish farmers.

The severe soil moisture deficit in the region was the subject of conversations with Maeve Regan of Glanbia and Dr. Eamon Corcoran of Teagasc. Maeve also told listeners about a biodiversity payment for Glanbia milk producers of 0.2 cents per litre for milk delivered in April in recognition of efforts made by farmers to promote biodiversity on their farms.

On the same topic of drought, Arlene Compsie of UCD outlined a research project involving the gathering of memories and folklore around previous droughts in the country.

Eric Driver of Tullow Mart and Michael Lynch of Cillin Hill Mart gave updates on this week’s livestock prices.

Due to time constraints only an edited form of the interview with John Bryan was broadcast. Here is the full interview.