Glanbia Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by – 9/4/2020

This week’s Farm Show took a close look at the impact of the Corona Virus outbreak on both dairy and beef markets. Matt spoke to Pat Murphy, Glanbia vice-chairman, about milk price prospects, the efforts to maintain the processing capacity of Glanbia’s processing plants as milk output heads towards peak and also about the protocols in place for Glanbia’s workforce to minimise the risk of infection.

Richard O’Brien of Teagasc informed listeners of a ‘virtual’ farm walk to be held on the Daniels farm on Wednesday 15th April when Bryan Daniels will use the Teagasc Twitter and Instagram accounts all day to give farmers a look at what is happening on the farm during the day. The Daniels won the 2019 Grassland Farmer of the Year Award.

Rory Dicker is a businessman based in South Kilkenny. He gave the Farm Show an outline of how businesses are managing to trade at this very difficult time. He manages Animax, the mineral bolus supply firm, from home while adhering to social isolation protocols.

Eric Driver of Tullow Mart and Michael Lynch of Cillin Hill Mart gave reports on how their marts are coping with current livestock trading restrictions.