The Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by – 1/4/2021

On the Glanbia Farm Show this week Matt spoke to IFAC’s Philip O’ Connor about the financial implications for Glanbia’s milk producers of the imposition of ceilings on peak production. Philip also outlined the planning necessary for farmers to cope with possible reductions in the Nitrates Derogation limits which are under review currently.

Denis Drennan, ICMSA Environment Committee chairman, told Farmshow listeners that the Government’s proposals for the regeneration of rural Ireland have very little detailed strategy to them and the programme is big on aspirations rather than action planning. Denis was critical of the planning process and the reaction by Glanbia of imposing peak production restrictions.

Professor Nicholas Cueack and Rory Heresey discussed the proposed eco scheme for the promotion of earthworms in farmland, announced today 1st April.

George Candler gave a comprehensive report on this week’s livestock trade and Eric Driver reported on prices from Tullow Mart.