Glanbia Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by – 17/6/2021

The Glanbia Farm Show opened this week with the theme from the Green Acres comedy series as an introduction to a chat with Pat O’ Toole of the Irish Farmers Journal about Jeremy Clarkson’s farming experiences. Pat also spoke about the Climate Action Bill and the reception it has received from farming bodies. He then confirmed the timelines for the completion of the CAP negotiations.

Alan Bohan of Sheep Gene Ireland and the Irish Grassland Association gave dates for a series of IGA sheep virtual farm tours. Alan then discussed the carbon foot-printing of sheep flocks in Ireland. All details are on the IGA website.
Derek Deane, former Deputy president of IFA, was on the phone to talk about the need to introduce a coupled payment system for sucklers and sheep under the next CAP.
Eric Driver gave a mart report from Tullow and George Candler was in studio to give an update on Kilkenny mart livestock prices.