The Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by – 3/2/2022

First tonight on the Glanbia Farm Show: Paddy Bruton of Forestry Services Ltd. gave an update on the state of the forestry sector and was not positive about ambitions to grow the sector this year.

Anna Meenan, GLAS Project Manager with the Heritage Council, told listeners about two schemes of interest to farm families and local community groups in regard to renovating old farm buildings and renewing local structures of social and historical interest.  You get more information here

Terry Carroll of Teagasc announced two events – one a farm walk on Brian Blackmore’s farm on the Callan road on 4th February to give an update on managing grass and fertiliser this Spring as well as an update on the Glanbia/Kepak Twenty:20 programme. The other event is a webinar on next Tuesday 8th February at 7.30pm to update farmers on this year’s BPS and inform attendees of the upcoming CAP as well as expected Eco schemes.

George Candler gave the usual comprehensive weekly report on livestock prices from Kilkenny Mart.