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The Saturday Show with Edward Hayden on Saturday 30th April


The Saturday Show;

On this morning’s show,

Our garden expert Shirley Lanigan answers all of your gardening questions.

David Corri and John Kavanagh chat about J B Keane’s THE FIELD that is coming to Thomastown.

Jackie Cullen and Brendan Cullen are hitting the road to the polish and Czech border to a little village named Miejsce to a childrens home for refugees and orphans run by a group of nuns that Mary Pierce has been sending essential items by courier to.

CervicalCheck campaigner Lynsey Bennett chats to Edward about her journey with cancer and looking after her young daughters.

Mags Whitely from Barnstorm Theatre chats to Edward about Love in lockdown.

Our resident psychotherapist Mags Bowen discusses how we are reconnecting to life.

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