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The Way It Is with Matt O’Keeffe; Wednesday 26th October 2022


The Way It Is; 

Aislinn Murphy, HSE Dietcian, speaks with Matt about obesity and how to change our mindset towards it.

Mari Cahalane, Head Organiser of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, chats with Matt as six Kilkenny schools take part.

Pierce Kavanagh of Carlow LEO on the Guide for Design & Implementation of Community Gardens & Allotments for County Carlow event they have happening tomorrow.

John McDarby, Roads Safety Officer with Carlow County Council, on the new changes to driving offence fines.

Robert Duggan, Director of Linguan Valley Tourism, has an update on the remains found in a cist burial chamber there.

Cllr John Cassin on the improvements that are needed on some of our Carlow roads.

In cricket, Ireland had a historic win against England. Joe Redmond was at the game in Melbourne and tells his daughter, Shannon Redmond, how the game was. He was spreading local colours there as he wore a Carlow GAA jersey to the game and was spotted on our TV screens with the jersey. Two Kilkenny Cricket Club members, Azaz and Wizwan, joined Matt to tell him how the cricket community locally reacted to the win.

Benny McDonagh, Piltown Loal Electoral Area Green Party representative on the new bus route from Waterford to Carrick-on-Suir, which will serve South Kilkenny.

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