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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn 17th November, 2021


The Way It Is;

On today’s show,

How safe are our primary schools for both teachers and students? School Principal Simon Lewis on this,

Geneticist Professor Aoife McLysaght talks about what’s gone wrong again with Covid,

Áine Fahy’s interview with Marianne Walsh of Mooncoin about her cancer diagnosis, to treatment, to playing and winning a county final with her club,

Award-winning Playwright, Author, Poet and Broadcaster John McKenna on his new book of short stories entitled “We Seldom Talk about The Past”,

Dr Derek Grant, Director of the National Council for Curriculum Assessment, on the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework which is open for public consultation with proposals for a redeveloped primary curriculum,

And Vet Richard Ryan of Archersfield Veterinary Clinic speaks to Sue about Routine Pet Care, what to expect on pet’s first year and more pet talk,