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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn Friday 21st May 2021


The Way It Is;

Today in our series Learning from Covid, the McGuinness family, Emma, Ellie and MJ tell us about their experience of lockdown and what each of them has learned over the time,

Our Friday panel, Sean Butler and Pat O’Neill will be with Sue to look back at another very eventful week. This weeks topics include, Hackers give the key to unlock HSE files, The North Quays, what now? Leo’s plans for opening pubs/food outlets. Hotel prices going up and more.

MEP Grace O Sullivan catches up on CAP (common agricultural policy) and environmental matters

What’s on the menu at The Watergate Theatre, Joanne Cunningham tells all,

Ben Jelliman, a Carlow artist who created a new mural to hide Nazi symbolism in Carlow,

That huge huge rabbit who watches TV and sits on the couch with his doggy buddy, Debroah Murray tells us about her giant pet rabbit who makes himself quite at home,

And the Kilkenny man who is making his living by making very posh jelly, Rian Coulter of Bompas and Parr tells us about his work.