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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn Monday 27th September, 2021


The Way It Is;

Is there room for more hotels in Kilkenny? Colin Ahern of the Ormonde Hotel and President of Kilkenny Chambers gives Sue his take on it,

Sue talks to Verona Murphy Independent TD for Wexford and former President of The Road Haulage Association about the driver crisis in the UK and if Ireland will be next,

Holly and Shannon tell us about their trip to Fossett’s Circus over the weekend,

Ebony Masuku caught up with some fellow sixth year students Ellie, Emily and Rachel in Loretto Secondary School on how they feel about the college points going up, future plans for their leaving cert and how they are finding stress relieve in such an important school year,

David Matthews walked 6’000 miles for the Samaritans, he tells us all about it,

And Minister Pippa Hackett launches our new tree series on The Way It Is. In the first programme we look at the story of trees from when our Celtic ancestors worshiped them to today when we value them for timber and for environmental reasons. We hear from Kevin Black, a scientist who specialises in trees and climate change but first we visit the Blackstairs Eco Centre and join their Celtic Tree Trail in order to put into the context our long and productive relationship with trees



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