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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn; Thursday 3rd February 2022


The Way It Is;

On Thursday’s Show,

Hedges, why are they being cut to within an inch of their lives? A bonanza for contractors says one commentator. Jim Mulhall, Chairman of Kilkenny IFA, and Seamus Kavanagh, Senior Engineer of Roads and Water Department Kilkenny, reacts to this.

Lieutenant Paul Murphy tell us about the 100 year commemoration ceremonies of the handing over of James Stephen’s barracks to the Irish state and fledgling defence forces.

Jack Burchaell chats about Mount Misery, its history and what is looks like now.

Caoimhe Kenny Dietician with the Kilkenny Senior Hurlers talks to Sue about restricted eating or fasting diets. Are they all bad?

Solicitor Author Catherine Kirwan tells us about her novel “Cruel Deeds”.

Joe Carroll, Programme Delivery Lead of Irish Water, on the development of water supply in Knocktopher.

And Matt O Keefe ahead of tonight’s Farm show. How does hedge cutting affect the farmers, plantations, and much more!