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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn; Wednesday 9th March 2022


The Way It Is;

On Wednesday’s show,

Tributes to Judge Peter Smithwick who has recently passed. Barrister Mary Laverty, Senior Council with the Smithwick Tribunal, who served with him on The Smithwick tribunal and Principal of Smithwick Solicitors Kilkenny will remember a Kilkenny man of many parts.

Liz Nolan tells us all about St Patrick’s Day Festival in Kilkenny which will include great music and craic.

Christiana Diyaolu, sister of Rachael Diyaolu who is studying medicine in Ukraine, tells us that Rachael is on the way to border for safety.

Evelyn tells us about two more Ukranian families and their pets who are on their way to Ireland on the ferry from France. We also catch up with Frank Flood to hear about a family he was hoping to pick up from the airport this morning.

And catching up with Major General Kieran Brennan on the progress of Putin’s criminal war

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