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There are calls for a pedestrian crossing to be installed outside Netwatch Cullen Park

Councillor Fergal Browne says the venue experiences massive volumes of traffic during match days and someone might be knocked down

Don’t wait until someone is “knocked down and dies”.

That’s the stark warning from Councillor Fergal Browne as he calls for immediate action to introduce a pedestrian crossing at Netwatch Cullen Park.

He says the popular venue experiences massive volumes of traffic, with motorists refusing to slow down when a game is on.

Speaking to KCLR News at last evenings Carlow Town Municipal District Meeting, he said dark winter nights will make it more dangerous for pedestrians:

“I want to see people who are going to the matches in our county grounds, being able to access the Oaklawn side safely, either going to the match or coming back from the match. That road is extremely busy. Cars don’t tend to slow down, don’t tend to stop, and especially in the context of a lot of our GAA games happening in the evening time now that we’re going into the winter months.”