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“These things shouldn’t be happening in a modern world” says one Carlow Cllr of lighting issues in Borris

Seemingly without a system upgrade if one main switch goes, the whole town could face a black-out

If one ESB switch goes, Borris could be left in complete darkness.

That’s according to Cllr Willie Quinn who says that there have been ongoing issues with public lighting in the area, in particular on the Fenagh Road.

He told the monthly meeting of Carlow County Council that he’d been informed that the issue was to do with the ESB.

He claimed he’s been told if one switch goes, the whole of Borris could be in for a “black out” unless the system is upgraded.

But the cost of putting a second one in place is understood to be costly.

He outlined his plea for KCLR News this morning saying “What I just asked for yesterday at the council meeting was a report for the next meeting, that the Director of Services would get a report on that to see what is the problem and can we get prices on that and get costings on that because I mean if we got into bad weather, say the lights are gone or whatever, you know you need the lights especially around the town, there’s a lot of elderly people there that need to be walking up and down the town to get to the shops or whatever, it wouldn’t be easy for them and it’d be very dangerous, just wondering what the insurance implications would be as regards to that, this seems to be happening on a regular basis”.

He adds that there are also fears of potential litigation noting “If you walk up the town and just say, God forbid, you stepped your foot in a footpath or something and you fell, if that’s what happens and you get seriously hurt you and you have to get your costs some way, that’s the way I look at it, these things shouldn’t be happening in a modern world, I mean a few years ago we got all new lighting in Borris & it has made a difference to Borris as regards the new heads on the lights they were all replaced down toward town and some of the town was upgraded”.