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This Is How We Do It: Career Guidance with Brian Comerford

After Ellen De Generes' decision to call it quits this week, we tackle how to navigate a career change in your own life

Ellen De Generes has been a big topic in the headlines this week, after she’s decided to call it quits.

She’s leaving her renowned talk show after over 3,000 episodes, claiming it’s no longer a creative challenge for her.

Brian Comerford, a guidance counsellor based in Thomastown with over 20 years of experience, says the lockdowns of the past year have given people time for similar reflections about their own careers.

If you’re not a big star with a bank account like Ellen’s though, he says it’s important to assess any potential job changes carefully.

Our reporter Shauna McHugh grilled him for tips on how to plan your next career move the right way- listen back below;