Thousands expected to join water protests in Carlow and Kilkenny

watermetThousands of people are expected to march against the water charges in Carlow and Kilkenny tomorrow.

The Right to Water group says it’s expecting more than 100,000 in total at over 80 events in town all across the country.

Reports today suggest the government is planning to extend a €100 discount on the bill to every household as it tries to ease the riding tide of pressure coming against the charges.

Pensioner Margaret told KCLR today that she’s already bringing in rainwater in buckets because she’s afraid she won’t be able to afford her bill.


Meanwhile, Irish Water have told local councillors they are trying to improve their customer relations.

This was one of a number of questions raised yesterday at a briefing held in Hotel Kilkenny by the utility company for local councillors.

Chairman of Carlow County Council, Fergal Browne, says the issue was raised a number of times.