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Three water supply sites in Kilkenny are at risk

It comes after the EPA's latest report revealed that 50 plants are vulnerable

An expert has been explaining why Kilkenny has been flagged as an area with water issues.

Three sites, in Radestown, Piltown-Fiddown and Glenmore, have been identified by Irish Water as being in need of improvements.

It comes after the Environmental Protection Agency reported yesterday that more than 50 water treatment plants across the country are at risk.

James O’Toole is the Operations Lead with Irish Water.

He says chemical byproducts in the water supply are being addressed in Radestown.

“Radestown is on the Remedial Action List (RAL) by the EPA and that’s because of the presence of THM’s” he explained to KCLR Live. “These THMs are trihalomethanes, they’re a disinfection byproduct from the dosing of chemicals we use which mixes with organic matter present in the raw water. So it’s something that we monitor very closely and we do our best to counteract any issues with that.”

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