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Travel Talk on KCLR Breakfast (Friday, 2nd April 2021)

Tom Britton joins our John Walsh every Friday after 9am to talk travel

The world’s opening up slowly but each day there’s something different to reveal in terms of where can or cannot be reached.

On Friday, we heard that the US as well as France, Germany and Italy will not be added to the mandatory hotel quarantine list despite advice from public health officials but 26 countries including Israel and Bahrain are set to join the list from 4am next Tuesday.

Tom Britton of Marble City Travel discussed this and more in his weekly chat with our John Walsh on KCLR Breakfast.

He also had some good news on the reopening of Malta, the filling-up on US Airlines’ flights with Delta Airlines also set to remove the freeing-up of middle seats on planes and how the Pandemic has seen the return for many to the travel agent as opposed to booking online.

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This time around people were keen to hear about vaccinations and getting to travel, suggestions regarding the costs of staycations versus foreign destinations and more.

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