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Unrest as rural Kilkenny parishes being asked to help pay back loans for renovation of city cathedral

Eight years on since the project was first announced, and local parishes are still being asked to pay for the restoration of St Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny.

KCLR understands a number of parishes in the Diocese of Ossory have been contacted in relation to paying back loans that were taken out to help fund the restoration of the city cathedral.

It seems this money will be used to pay back other parishes that had loaned thousands to the project.

There’s unrest among some of the smaller parishes who’ve received these letters now though, as they say they can’t afford the money that’s being demanded from them.

In some cases, the money being asked for is around the €10,000 mark.

When asked by KCLR about these requests for money, a spokesperson for the bishop responded that it had been agreed between the Council of Priests, the Diocesan Finance Committee and the College of Consultants that this was the best idea.

They say parish priests and administrators were also consulted.

Their statement also says they thank all of the parishes “for assisting those few parishes that were burdened as a result of the money owed to them.”

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