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Update sought on plans to install 19 CCTV cameras in Kilkenny city

A Kilkenny councillor’s sought an update on the council’s investment in 19 new CCTV cameras which have yet to be installed.

The city municipal district’s discretionary fund of €50,000 has been directed to the project annually since 2019.

A fourth installment’s due this year with the fifth and final in 2023.

At a recent meeting of city representatives, Councillor Andrew McGuinness raised the issue.

He believes the cameras are central to improving safety of residents, businesses and visitors – in particular for the role they play in helping to combat anti-social behaviour.

He’s been telling KCLR News he wants to see movement on the project:

“It’s something that personally, as a public representative at budget time some years ago I fought hard to get it included and Im delighted to see that it is included. So I’m very anxious to see its implementation throughout the city as soon as possible


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