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Vaccine could see Covid become a distant memory by summer, claims testing expert

Several trials are in the final stages of development

The co-founder of an Irish company involved in the testing of Covid-19 vaccines believes the virus will be a ‘distant memory’ by next summer.

Several trials are in the final stages of development, with some big announcements expected by Christmas.

Cathal Friel, from Open Orphan, says a number of vaccines are on the way in the new year;

“Next month the Pfizer vaccine is coming, the month after that the Oxford one. Every month from now until next summer, we’re going to have a vaccine. Covid will be a long distant memory by next summer, and we’re absolutely convinced now that it will be treated like the flu. You take your annual flu jab and your annual Covid jab. So just get through the next 6 months, get to the summer and then we’re in clear blue water.”