Vandals blamed for recent Kilkenny City power cuts

ESB Networks say they may have to involve the Gardai

Vandals are being blamed for recent power cuts around Kilkenny City

KCLR Listeners have been contacting the station to complain about the regularity of the outages in Purcellsinch and Danesfort.

ESB networks says local technicians carried out detailed patrols and have a few identified issues that are causing these outages.

Contract timber cutters will be removing potential timber conflicts near some of the lines.

Essential maintenance will also be carried out before Christmas to rectify any possible issues – local residents will receive notification of this in the post.

But they’ve also found evidence of vandalism and says they may need to get the Gardai involved

ESB Networks would like to apologise to all homes, farms and businesses in the area for the inconvenience caused by these outages.