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Varadkar has always been an “interloper” in the Dáil, according to Shane Ross

The former Transport Minister says the Tánaiste was unpopular among colleagues long before 'Leo the Leak' controversy

The former Minister for Transport Shane Ross says Leo Varadkar has always been seen as an “interloper” in Cabinet.

It comes as Sinn Féin is tabling a motion of no confidence in the Tánaiste over his leaking of a confidential IMO contract to a rival GP group.

Minister Varadkar is expected to survive the vote against him tomorrow night, but Shane Ross has been telling KCLR that he won’t be saved due to any fondness from his fellow Dáil members.

Ross claims that ‘Leo the Leak’ was always marked apart from his Fine Gael colleagues, long before the recent scandal;

“[Leo] was very detached, and he still is I think rather detached. What struck me when I was in Cabinet with him, was that he’s not a real Blue Shirt” he told KCLR Live. “He’s kind of first generation Fine Gael, and around the Cabinet table there was an awful lot of people, I think six out of fifteen, whose fathers were actually Fine Gael TDs as well. So there was Leo there, but this kind of tribe was around him that had a much longer lineage and pedigree for the party. So he came in, and in some ways, he was almost an interloper.”