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Visitors to Co Kilkenny town need clearer signage

Callan's one-way system has caused difficulties for some driver

New clearer signage is needed to stop traffic from getting caught going the wrong direction in Callan’s one-way system.

There’s been a number of incidents recently with larger vehicles ending up in the wrong place.

The issue was raised at this week’s meeting of the local district council.

Cllr Joe Lyons says it’s not clear how drivers should enter the town and it is causing problems, telling KCLR News “There was a couple of events there last week, a JJ Kavanagh bus came into Callan, a new bus driver and he came in the old way as he saw his first sign for Callan and came down and obviously met the one-way system, had to turn around, make a detour and go back and then a few days before that an artic driver came down, didn’t know where he was going and ended up in a housing estate over at the Westcourt Demesne so there was a lot of hassle there for that poor man”.

He adds that the local authority needs to find a better way of directing drivers into the town, noting “I think coming from the Kilkenny side, just to put it out there clear where the entrance to Callan town is, that you have two entrances, one on the West Street and one on the Windgap and you have an option then of going into the town that way and it just keeps them out then from going into the bottleneck of the one-way system them”.