Waterford University hospital apologises to family of Kilkenny man after sum of money goes missing temporarily

Gardai have been involved in investigating the temporary disappearance of a sum of cash belonging to a patient at University hospital Waterford.

The money belonged to a Kilkenny man, a patient in the hospital, who died last month

The man’s family understands that the cash – nearly 600 euro had been given to a staff member to place in the hospital safe when he was admitted on January 26th this year.

However following his death on February 12th it was discovered the money was missing.

Its understood it has since been retrieved but the family have yet to receive it.

In a statement to KCLR the HSE has confirmed that the hospital itself contacted the GardaĆ­ who are now investigating the matter.

The hospital has said it “deeply regrets that this occurred” at what was already a hugely difficult time for the family concerned.

The man’s family and University Hospital Waterford say they are currently liaising on the matter of returning the money.