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Woodford Dolmen Hotel manager in Carlow welcomes new government rules on wedding ceremonies

Colin Duggan was speaking after Cabinet yesterday signed off on an increase in wedding guest numbers.

A local hotel manager says he’s glad the Government has recognised they can celebrate bigger weddings safely.

Colin Duggan from the Woodford Dolmen Hotel in Carlow welcomed the move by Cabinet yesterday to sign off on an increase in wedding guest numbers.

It will mean 100 people can attend a wedding celebration from August 5th.

Colin says they have the space to cater for a bigger crowd safely.

“Our main ballroom can seat up to 500 people, we’re only going to be seating 100 people, so we’ve got the space to safety segregate people and they will still enjoy themselves,” said Colin.

“Our brides and grooms will be able to celebrate their wedding as they wish” he added.