43 Covid deaths and 3,893 new cases confirmed

St Luke's General Manager says local hospital is coping as we near peak of current Covid wave

43 Covid-19 deaths have been confirmed over the past week.

3,893 new cases of the virus have also been reported this evening.

611 COVID patients are being treated in hospital, with ICU numbers up to 132.

17 patients are being treated for the virus locally at the moment with 2 in the intensive care unit.

The Manager of St Luke’s Hospital thinks we are nearing the peak of the current wave of Covid-19.

Anne Slattery says the local hospital for Carlow KIlkenny is very busy and people shouldn’t turn up unless they are seriously ill.

In particular anyone with covid-like symptoms should not go to the emergency department and should isolate, consult their G-P and sign up for a PCR test.

Anne’s been telling the Way It Is that the hospital is managing at the moment and does have some ICU capacity but she hopes the numbers start to drop soon