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“A kick in the face to healthcare workers … and to anyone who’s lost a loved one to Covid-19” says Carlow Councillor

Adrienne Wallace was reacting to the lack of support for a motion she tabled at the local authority's latest meeting

A Carlow councillor says the Covid crisis is proving that Ireland’s healthcare system needs a total reform.

Cllr Adrienne Wallace is a vocal supporter of the campaign for a 32-county NHS healthcare model.

This week she put forward a defeated motion to Carlow County Council, calling to write an open letter to the Taoiseach in support of the campaign.

The local People Before Profit representative says she was disappointed to receive no support from fellow local councillors noting “I think we’ve had a very difficult period as a nation and I think this Government could have done a lot more to make sure something positive comes out of it, something that would benefit peoples’ lives so it’s very, very disappointing to see that, and this is just an open letter, just to sign the open letter and they wouldn’t even do that so just it’s very disappointing when you see that, I mean seeing how people have suffered & that the government don’t seem to want to do anything to change things in Ireland”.

Cllr Wallace adds that people are suffering under the current healthcare system, saying “It’s a ridiculous system to think that you’ll get better care if you have more money and poorer people, Ireland’s working class, will actually probably suffer and get the sharp end of a system that isn’t really working efficiently so I put forward this motion and I was very, very disappointed that Fine Gael & Fianna Fail once again united to actually vote it down, I think it’s a kick in the face to the health care workers who have been struggling, who’ve kept us safe through this, I think it’s a kick in the face to anyone who’s lost a loved one to Covid-19”.