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Carlow and Kilkenny dog owners must keep their pets under control

Gardaí say "Know where your dog is and look after it"

If you own a dog – keep it under control and know where it is at all times.

That’s the advice from gardaí.

It’s after another sheep-worrying incident’s been reported in the Nurney area.

Sgt Ted Hughes has been telling KCLR “It’s vital that dogs are kept on a lead around livestock but I suppose a lot of these kills are at night or at times when the owner is not with the dog because these dogs are rambling from home and teaming up with other dogs, gangs getting together, it’s like a criminal gang and carrying out their work and coming home, sometimes the dog owners don’t even know the dog’s been involved in these type of things”.

He adds “First of all know where your dog is at night, it shouldn’t be a case that you just have a dog and if you’re keeping it outside that it just comes and goes maybe and sleeps in a shed and you’re happy enough that it just comes and goes, you have to lock up your dog at night and know where your dog is at all times because the damage they’re causing, they’re killing a lot of animals, lambs and mothers, the ewes, and the damage they’re causing even not killing them but damaging them badly and there’s a lot of finance at stake here, people’s livelihoods”.

In conclusion, Sgt Hughes says “If you have a dog you have to take it serious; have it chipped, know where your dog is, and look after it”.

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