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Carlow and Kilkenny farmers taking part in blockade of Aldi distribution centre

The Kilkenny county chairman of IFA says today is just the start of their latest campaign for better prices for their cattle.

A group gathered at 7am in a blockade outside Aldis distribution centre in Naas – they claim the gap between what Irish farmers receive for their beef, compared to UK farmers, has widened.

Speaking to KCLR News, James Murphy, who is at the centre in Naas, says they want the factories to know they won’t stand for that:

“The new Beef Price Index has now been released and is up and running, and it’s clearly showing that there is a price-gap between the Irish price and the EU and UK prices.

“There is no justification for the factories not passing back that price.

“Today’s protest action is important to highlight that fact and also to send a very clear message to the factories that this committment has to be honoured.”