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Carlow GP Dr Paula Greally says there’s a lot of RSV around and warns to be careful around babies and toddlers

RSV an be dangerous to those under four years old particularly

We’re well into the flu season and there’s a lot of RSV with a local GP warning we should stay away from young babies and toddlers if we’re feeling any symptoms.

RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms but can be dangerous to the under-fours particularly.

The HSE says there were nearly 200 cases of flu confirmed last week.

Dr Paula Greally’s practice Carlow medical is one of only about 20 ”Sentinel Practices” in the country where they test a sample of patients to see what viruses are around.

She says there’s a lot of RSV being found.

“For a selection of patients, we take swabs to see what viral illness that they could be carrying and it feeds into the public health data,” said Paula.

“Every week there is a report published by public health indicating how much RSV, how much, other viruses are circulating,” she added.

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