Carlow had highest level of special court sittings in Ireland last year

Carlow & Kilkenny were at the higher end of the scale last year when it came to special sittings of the district court.

In fact Carlow had the highest number of unscheduled court sittings in the country with 54 out of hours sitting days.

Thats equivalent to almost 73 percent of its scheduled sittings.

In Kilkenny there was 50 special sittings of the district court which equates to 52 percent of the 96 days scheduled.

At the lower end of the scale out-of- hours days were equivalent to 3 per cent or less of scheduled court sitting days.

Courts Service staff are paid a call-out allowance each time they are required to attend out-of-hours sittings, which cost €145,000 in 2014.