Carlow-Kilkenny TD Jennifer Murnane O’Connor calls for operational changes to Passport system

A local TD says the current system operating in the Passport Office is unacceptable and not working efficiently.

It follows multiple reports of people being left waiting longer periods than normal for their passport or not being made aware of necessary changes until it’s close to their date of travel.

Carlow Kilkenny TD Jennifer Murnane OConnor says she has told the Foreign Affairs Minsiter that changes need to be made to their system:

“It’s very serious. I’ve said to Minister Coveney only last week that I feel the system itself in the Passport office is wrong”

However she did acknowledge that the staff are working very hard.

Deputy Murnane O’Connor also urged people sending in applications to double check that their paperwork is in order:

“Please make sure that all your information is gone in and that your signatures are right or the date is right. Because if they request further information, that passport goes back right to the bottom of the pile and then it takes longer”