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Carlow’s getting ready for Christmas it seems

A local, loyal listener of KCLR spotted festive lights going up this morning

We may just over Hallowe’en but for many of us the focus now is shifting to Christmas.

As we all look forward to something nice, it seems Carlow’s festive lights are going up this morning.

One local, loyal KCLR listener was out early & told us he’s delighted with what he saw saying “This morning I spotted on my preamble around Carlow Town the erection of the Christmas lights, it’s great to see we’re finally entering into the season & the lights are going up around Carlow Town, the first of the lights on Potato Market, and I think it’ll brighten up peoples’ moods when they do get switched on”.

He adds “I think it will brighten up peoples’ moods once they get switched on, people are just automatically attracted to brighter lights and warmer lights as well so I think that’s going to be positive for people around Carlow and it might increase trade once level 5 is reduced in a few weeks time”.

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