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Catch up on the theories surrounding Kilkenny’s Big Bang

There's been quite the chatter about Tuesday's loud city centre noise

So many theories surrounding the big bang that was heard in Kilkenny on Tuesday night and still no solid explanation.

Initially it’d been thought to have occurred in the vicinity of Dean Street – read details here

But the venue at the centre soon set that record straight – read about that here

Abbey Street resident Vanessa summed up her experience of the big bang, telling KCLR Live’s Carol Dooley that all her neighbours ended up out on the street after the sound that saw their windows shake – that’s here

Must Have Fallen From The Skies?

Late Wednesday evening, KCLR News was contacted to say a person living in the Loughboy area came across an interesting find in their garden.  Measuring similar to a ten cent coin, the blackened piece of rock was thought to be a meteorite – that article’s here

Now Ireland’s top expert on meteorites is on the case. Trinity College geologist Dr Ian Sanders was forwarded photos by Astronomy Ireland.  The organisation’s David Moore joined Sue Nunn on Thursday’s The Way It Is – which you can hear here

So, we’re still no closer to finding out what caused the noise but it’s certainly generated a lot of conversation.

As the Bare Naked Ladies would sing, it all started with a big bang!