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Central Statistics Office has 160 part-time positions available in Carlow and Kilkenny

Ireland's next Census takes place on 3rd April, 2022

160 Census Enumerators are to be hired by the Central Statistics Office locally.

The next count and account of everybody in the country takes place on 3rd April 2022 and the roles will see successful candidates deliver and collect the forms each household must fill out.

The part-time positions run for ten weeks between February 28th and May 6th.

About 34,000 of the documents will be handed out in Kilkenny with a further 20,000 in Carlow.

Applications are being taken online from 9am this morning (Thurs, Nov 25) on census.ie

Speaking about the role of a Census Enumerator, Eileen Murphy, Head of Census Administration said “A Census Enumerator is a job that really counts. Those who undertake this rewarding position will be providing a valuable service to the people of Kilkenny, by ensuring future policy decisions are made based on their community’s needs.

“The job of Census Enumerator is highly flexible, so a perfect option for many people not in a position to commit to full time work. Over the ten weeks enumerators will work approximately 22 hours per week and can largely pick their own hours. Each enumerator is responsible for the delivery and collection of around 400 census forms in their local area.”

According to Eileen Murphy the role of Census Enumerator is best suited to a people person who enjoys meeting and engaging with new people. “It is important that you can work well on your own.¬† The job does require some persistence, as you may need to visit some homes multiple times to secure a response. Good weather in Spring in Ireland is not guaranteed, so you need to be ready for working outdoors in all weathers.