Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #28 – 15/3/2018

Tonight’s show will  be available on the Irish RadioPlayer App until 20/3/2018

and here’s the playlist::

Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Tabhair Dom Do Lámh Planxty
Prayer Of St. Ignatius Hugh Christopher Brown / Sherry Zbrovsky
The Blacksmith Planxty
Autopilot Exiles
Django The Remedy Club
Human Hands Frankenstein Bolts
Anyone Can Be A Star Five Grand Stereo
Time Of The Season The Zombies
Eyelids Into Snow Scullion
Black Widow Moxie
Anach Cuain Jiggy
Don’t Come The Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim! Kirsty McColl
Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór Planxty
The Given Note / Port Na bPúcaí Séamus Heaney & Liam O’Flynn
Night Whispering Frankenstein Bolts
Queen Of Oklahoma Carter Sampson / BJ Bartmans
Snow II Wyvern Lingo
Solid Air John Martyn
Honeymoon I Draw Slow
She Kicks Like A Mule Blackbird & Crow
Lark In The Clear Air Karine Polwart
Before Tomorrow David Crosby
Morning Dove Julie Byrne
Dark Slender Boy Planxty


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