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Covid-19: Kilkenny and Carlow on the rise as 390 new cases confirmed on Sunday; total approaches 5,000

Kilkenny has seen over 50 confirmed cases, far behind the near 2500 cases confirmed in Dublin.

The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Ireland now stands at just shy of 5,000.

Figures released by the NPEHT on Sunday evening show the total number of cases to be 4,994 in Ireland, up 390 on Saturday’s figures.

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases for Kilkenny and Carlow has also seen an increase for both counties.

Today’s figures released by the NPEHT show the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Kilkenny sits at 73 (up 19 from yesterday) while Carlow has reached double figures for the first time, up to 12 from 6 on Saturday.

The total number of confirmed cases in the country has now reached while the country’s death toll has increased to 158.

The NPEHT also confirmed a further 21 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 in Ireland have died, bringing the total deaths to date to 158.

Testing for Covid-19 is expected to accelerate this week with the Government hoping to see a further 4,500 tests carried out this coming week, eventually scaling up to 15,000.

Breaking down Sunday’s figures

The figures reported Sunday are correct up to 1pm Sunday 5 April.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been informed that 21 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in Ireland have died.

  • 17 deaths located in the east, 2 in the south, 2 in the west of the country
  • The patients included 9 females and 12 males
  • 12 patients were reported as having underlying health conditions
  • Median age of today’s reported deaths is 81

The median age of deaths in Ireland is 81.

“Working hard”

Dr. Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, said: “This past week has proven that the nation is working hard, together, by staying at home to flatten the curve.

“If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 you need to self-isolate and phone your GP. I ask that everyone inform themselves on what to do in the instance they develop symptoms, as well as how to maintain their health and wellbeing. Support and guidance is available on gov.ie/health and HSE.

Dublin remains highest

Today’s data from HPSC, as of midnight, Friday 3rd April 2020 (4,443 cases), reveals:

  • 47% are male and 53% are female, with 236 clusters involving 903 cases
  • Median age of confirmed cases is 48 years
  • 1,203 cases (27%) have been hospitalised
  • Of those hospitalised, 165 cases have been admitted to ICU
  • 1,163 cases (26%) are associated with healthcare workers
  • Dublin has the highest number of cases at 2,490 (56% of all cases) followed by Cork with 343 cases (8%)
  • Of those for whom transmission status is known: community transmission accounts for 63%, close contact accounts for 24%, travel abroad accounts for 13%

Department of Health’s COVID-19 Information Dashboard; providing latest case information.