Oh Sugar, Sugar

  • Programme 1 – An Overview of the Carlow Sugar Factory

    The first programme in KCLR’s 7 part series ‘Oh Sugar, Sugar’ looks at the set-up of the factory, its expansion and contraction and gives an overview of the industry which was to make such a mark on the socioeconomic and rural landscape of Carlow.

  • Programme 2 – The memories of the Carlow Sugar Factory

    The former workers recall their first day on the job, the company’s sports and social club and its involvement with the community, their participation in the tops of the town and trips abroad.

  • Programme 3 – The Sugar Campaign

    Oh Sugar, Sugar – Programme 3: The Sugar Campaign From September right through to Christmas and maybe into the New Year the beet campaign was underway.  The beet was delivered into the factory under a c arefully planned timetable and then processed int …

  • Programme 4 – The Beet Growers

    Oh Sugar, Sugar – Programme 4: The Beet Growers There was a very close relationship between the sugar factory and the beet farmer, they both needed each other for their existence.  Over the years the sugar factory developed seed and technology to trans …

  • Programme 5 – Research & Development

    It was a hot bed of innovation and research which the 5th programme in the series ‘Oh Sugar Sugar’ explores.

  • Programme 6 – The Closure

    The factory closed in March 2005 after nearly 80 years of production.

  • Programme 7: The Aftermath and Future

    Michael Hoey from Beet Ireland gives an account of the report he made into its re-establishment in Ireland.

Oh Sugar, Sugar is a 7 part documentary series that looks at the history, evolution and ultimate closure of the Carlow Sugar Factory


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