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€1 million overhaul of Kilkenny’s Ormonde Street would see one-way system introduced

A one million euro refurbishment plan for a Kilkenny City centre street will see it go from a two-way to a one-way system.

Should planning permission be granted the works would start on the Ormonde Street upgrade in January 2020.

The project will also see better defined pathways with areas for businesses to have outdoor seating.

Simon Walton is city engineer with the council and says the biggest change will be in relation to traffic:

“It also includes for the introduction of a one-way system on part of the street, from Patrick Street to the entrance of the St Patrick’s Court Car Park.

“You will only be able to enter the street off of Patrick Street. You won’t be able to leave the street from Ormonde Street onto Patrick Street as you currently do.”

Mr Walton says this will help to alleviate traffic in the city centre, but it will also make the junction at the top end of Ormonde Street that much busier:

“There’ll be a higher proportion of the traffic seeking to access from Omonde Street onto New Street.

“Obviously the junction will still operate within its capacity but we will review it – should the scheme go ahead – with a view to introducing traffic signals there should they be required.

“This is an opportunity to render Ormonde Street more in keeping with other city centre streets. It provides an opportunity to introduce soft landscaping on the street as well.”

The plans for the works will go on display from next Friday (31st May).