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Excitement builds locally with ‘Wolfwalkers’ Kilkenny debut just days away

Free screenings will take place as part of Kilkenny Animated this weekend

The first cinema screening of Kilkenny latest Oscar-tipped movie will be this weekend.

Tickets to see Cartoon Saloon’s ‘Wolfwalkers’ will be free as part of the Kilkenny Animated Festival which starts on Friday.

Details will be released later today about how you can get passes for the screenings on Sunday but the numbers will be limited due to the coronavirus restrictions.

Cartoon Saloon CEO Paul Young see the crew will get to see it first telling KCLR “We will screen the film for most of the crew, socially distant in the IMC at the weekend and on Sunday we’re opening up free tickets to the public to see the film, that might be 150 to maybe 200 tickets and what we’ll do there is it’ll be, you know, a screening starting at about 4 o’clock and then every forty five minutes the same film starting again forty five minutes later in a different screen so you have fifty people in a different screen and try to space it out”.

‘Wolfwakers’ had it’s world premiere to great acclaim through online screening at the Toronto Film Festival.

For more on that & to watch the trailer click here

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