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Fencing to be erecting along parts of South Kilkenny greenway route after antisocial behaviour

Work's underway on the amenity but it'll not be open until 2022

The Kilkenny Greenway won’t be open until 2022 so locals in the south of the county are being asked to stay away until then.

Gardai have had to be called to disperse large groups gathering on the newly cleared parts of the old New Ross Railway line.

Work on lifting the old tracks and sleepers start last week with the construction phase due to get underway in October. (More about that here).

Director of Services at Kilkenny Co Council Sean McKeown says “Where some vegetation has been cleared at the rear at some of the estates we’ve had some issues with antisocial behaviour with people gathering and so forth at night and I understand the gardai have been called in relation to some of those incidents, we had intended on some of those occasions to erect some temporary fencing but now in consultation with the residents & with the contractor we’ll be erecting permanent fencing solutions along those areas where we have those issues”.